Postcards from the Field: Climate Science from the Southeast Pacific

VOCALS Postcards by Name

Brigitte Baeuerle

Katie Beem

Wiesje Mooiweer Bryan

Carlye Calvin

Dr. Patrick Chuang

Jake Crouch

Rhea George

Lelia Hawkins

Dr. Taehyoung Lee

Matthew Miller

Dione Rossiter

Dr. Jeff Snider

Dr. Cynthia Twohy

Dr. Robert Wood

Dr. Paquita Zuidema

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Brigitte Baeuerle

Hello everyone. My name is Brigitte Baeuerle and I am the Manager for the Field Project Services facility within NCARís Earth Observing Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. I work with a small group of Project...more

The largest human geoglyph - the Giant of the Atacama

On our way from Arica to Iquique, we visited one of the largest human geoglyphs - the Giant of the Atacama. Etched into the side of a solitary mountain, the 393 feet high human figure is one of many depictions...more

Growing olives in the Apaza Valley

The woman in this picture is Ester, a lively and energetic local Arica resident who visited the operations center after a local newspaper reported on VOCALS. Ester took me to the Apaza Valley, which is...more

Environment of Extremes

Hola, This picture was taken from the air before landing in Arica. The first time I came to Chile I was wondering what possessed me to come to such a desolate place. While the Pacific Ocean in this part...more

The Stray Dog Problem

Hola again, Over the last two weeks, I have seen many dogs linger outside the hotel, restaurants and on the pedestrian mall hoping for a morsel of food. A little female we started calling Juanita waits...more

Close encounter with a sea lion

Hola again, On Sunday afternoon we took a stroll through town and ended up near the local harbor. Barking dogs, strange noises and a significant stench of old fish lead us to a group of humongous sea lions...more

Planning an Aircraft Intercomparison Flight

Hola, In this picture, Rob and the other aircraft scientists are planning the seventh VOCALS research flight, which will happen early on the morning of Halloween. Part of the reason for this flight is...more

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