Seven Simple Steps (for complete information click on the links or download the Activity Guide)
1) Register to participate
2) Meet your Partners through online communication
3) Measure the length of your gnomon and shadow
4) Report these measurements online
5) Calculate the Earth's circumference with your Partnership's measurements
6) Report your calculation online
7) View the international results


Step 1: Register to participate

1) You will need to form a team and register this team. A team should consist of one adult sponsor (teacher, parent or adult community member), one bilingual speaker (someone that is bilingual in English and Spanish), and at least one student. Registration is open from August. 13th – September 14th.

2) After registration, your team will be partnered with two other teams to form a MYW Partnership. The MYW Partnership will consist of three teams, one each from the U.S., Chile, and Mexico.  Partnership information will be mailed to you on September 21st.

Step 2: Meet your Partners through online communication

Meet your partners through online communication between September 21st and 29th.  You are encouraged to learn about the geography and culture of your partner teams (see partnership checklist and share this with us!


Step 3: Measure the length of your gnomon and shadow

Preparation – Determining solar noon and identifying your location

1) Choose the day(s) that you will most likely take your measurement.  You can take as many as one measurement per day between September 29th and October 7th.

2) Determine solar noon for your location on the day(s) you plan to take a measurement.

3) Gather your materials. If you are using the SSC, download and print.

4) Identify an appropriate place outside where you can take your measurement(s). There are two important steps in identifying a location: