One of the exciting aspects of participating of Measure Your World is that you will be partnering with other teams in other countries.  We will provide you with partner teams from two countries other than yours - this will form your Partnership.  A Partnership will consist of three teams, one each from the U.S., Chile and/or Mexico. In addition to working together to strategize the best way to measure and calculate the circumference of the Earth, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the culture and climate of your virtual partners!

Once you have been assigned your partner teams (this will be emailed to you after Sept. 21st), it will be important that you communicate as soon as possible to develop a plan to replicate Eratosthenes’s measurements and calculations. You will receive information about your partner teams including where they are located and how to get in contact with them.  

Before contacting your partner team, you may want to take some time to learn more about Eratosthenes, what is meant by solar noon, and review the steps to make the measurements.  When you are comfortable with the material needed to conduct the activity, contact your partner

You are encouraged to share what you have learned about your partner teams.  It will be important to learn about the geography of your partner teams.  You will be asked to share the following information:


You can also learn more about the culture and favorite activities of your partner teams.  You can take this opportunity to learn more about:


Feel free to come up with questions of your own as you get to know your partner teams.