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Other Subscription Options - Classroom, School

The Windows to the Universe School District subscription option is designed for school districts where teachers at multiple schools are using and associated classroom materials for their students and want to take advantage of our benefits and services for teachers, including free access to formatted student worksheets, classroom activity descriptions, and supplementary materials - a $230 value, and also want to bring the benefits of membership to all of their students.

Districts can get a discount on individual school unlimited seat pricing when 6 or more schools are involved in the district subscription, as follows:

6 - 9 schools - 15% discount off of per school costs for unlimited teachers and students
10 - 14 schools - 20% discount off of per school costs for unlimited teachers and students
15+ schools - 25% discount off of per school costs for unlimited teachers and students

Multi-year discounts are also available, on top of these discounts.

District subscriptions are for full year(s), beginning the date this form is submitted. If you need to add schools to your district subscription during the year, the district's authorized representative should log in to their account with the username and password create during registration. The district's account page includes a link to a form that allows the authorized representative to add schools (note that added schools will expire at the same time as the associated district subscription expires, and will not be prorated). Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the term of the subscription for individual teachers or students, schools, or districts, and refunds are not available.

Once your registration and payment have been completed, you will receive a email with links for teachers and students accessing Windows to the Universe to use to register on the site. Each teacher and student will need to use these links to set up their own login and password. Please remember that teachers and students need to use their unique login and password to get access to the benefits and services associated with the subscription.

Please provide complete the form below to request a quote for a district subscription to Windows to the Universe. We will be back in touch with you within 3 business days.

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