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Arches National Park Geology Tour provides an extensive, visually rich description of the geology of Arches, by Deborah Ragland, Ph.D. See our DVD collection.

Pick a Postcard - People

Photo of Albert Einstein.
Courtesy of Tracey Keifer. Emilio Segre Visual Archives. American Institute of Physics.

Picture of Marie Curie
The Bettmann Archive

Portrait of Edwin Hubble
The Archives, California Institute of Technology

Picture of Max Planck
Courtesy UPI/Bettmann

Picture of Ernest Rutherford
The Bettmann Archive. From painting by James Gunn (1932).

Picture of Linus Pauling
Courtesy UPI/Bettmann

Photograph of Carl Sagan
Robert Reichert and Cornell University.

Picture of Charles Darwin
The Bettmann Archive

Picture of Ben Franklin
Tracey Keifer. Emilio Segre Visual Archives. American Institute of Physics.

Picture of Leonardo DaVinci
The Bettmann Archive

Portrait of Galileo Galilei
Ottavio Leoni, Reunion des Musees Nationaux

Portrait of Neil Armstrong

Portrait of Sally Ride

Portrait of John Glenn
Courtesy of NASA

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