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Windows to the Universe Educator Membership Options - Benefits and Services

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Educators can subscribe to Windows to the Universe and receive benefits and services available only to members.  We offer a range to options to fit your needs as an educator.  The table below compares the options available, but we summarize the options here in brief. 

All options provide the basic set of membership benefits and services included in Basic Educator Membership listed below.

Interested in school or district subscriptions?  Contact Windows to the Universe to find out more about options available at the school and district level!

If you are a member of the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA), you receive a $15 discount on your Basic Educator Membership, or any other Membership option you chose.  If you aren't a member of NESTA, join NESTA today, and then you can join as a Windows to the Universe Educator.

For pricing, see our Educator Membership Options page!

  • Basic Educator Membership includes a login and password providing access to an advertising-free version of the website, with free downloadable activities, worksheets, powerpoints, and supplementary materials (a $230 value!), your own MyW2U area to keep track of website resources and personalize your website experience, access to the W2U Online Journal Tool, calendars of Earth and space science events and opportunities, Special Alert emails about opportunities for teachers, and a 10% discount in the Windows to the Universe online store. 
  • Silver Educator Membership supplements Basic membership with course webpage support, and student access to course pages through a single login per class (providing advertising free access to your course pages). 
  • Gold Educator Membership supplements Basic membership and course web page support with individual student logins and passwords, support for online quizzes and homework (download assignments and upload student homework), and advertising free access for all. 
  • Classroom Membership provides an option for teacher and student website access without advertising, along with Basic membership benefits and services, but without course support. 

If you want full course support, including course web pages, support for online quizzes and homework, as well as individual teacher and student logins, choose the Educator Gold Membership option!

  Basic Educator Membership Silver Educator Membership Gold Educator Membership (Premium Classroom Membership) Classroom Membership
No advertising x x x x
Free access to downloadables x x x x
MyW2U Profile x x x x
Journal Tool x x x x
Full Access to Earth and Space Science History Calendar x x x x
Full Access to Teacher Opportunity Calendar x x x x
Special Alerts x x x x
10% Store Discount x x x x
Support for Course Pages - one student sign in per class (no ads for students on course page)   x    
Teacher course support including course pages, quizzes, homework and individual student accounts     x  
Teacher and student individual website accounts (no course support)       x
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