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Traveling Nitrogen Classroom Activity Kit

Check out our online store - minerals, fossils, books, activities, jewelry, and household items!...more

First local C-130 flight from Veracruz

This picture shows us getting ready for the first local flight of the NCAR/NSF C-130 flying out of Veracruz. We flew toward Mexico City, did some measurements in the Mexico City basin, and then flew West...more

Another C-130 flight over Mexico

Today we took our third local flight on the C-130. Yesterday afternoon, our supplies that we shipped from Boulder finally arrived, so we can now operate normally and repair things that are broken. In spite...more

Instrument comparison in flight

Today we flew another flight of the C-130 examining the change in the urban plume as it is processed in the atmosphere. Because there are several aircraft involved in MILAGRO, it is important to compare...more

Ruins at Zempoala

On one of our down days, we took a little trip to a small town about 20 km from Veracruz. In the little town of Zempoala (also called Cempoala), there is a large area of partially restored ruins of ancient...more

David Greenberg

Hi, my name is David Greenberg and I'm the Director of Technology for the Mohawk Trail Regional School District in western Massachusetts. I've been helping teachers use computers in their classrooms for...more

Balloon Launch!

Yesterday, we launched our first balloon. This was a test flight to make sure that all the hardware and software was functioning as planned. The two small black spheres in the picture are tracer balloons....more

Short Flight

We launched a balloon at around 3:00 local time from a site outside Mexico City. Unfortunately, the flight only lasted about an hour because the balloon went higher than it was supposed to and the flight...more

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