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March 29, 2006

March 24, 2006

March 23, 2006

March 22, 2006

March 20, 2006

March 19, 2006

March 18, 2006

March 16, 2006

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March 5, 2006

March 4, 2006

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Traveling Nitrogen Classroom Activity Kit

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Peroxides Measured at the T1 Site

Hello again: We are nearing the end of our field campaign in Mexico. It has been a real adventure, with friendly people, great food, and interesting science. I obtained some good hydrogen peroxide measurements...more

What does Tecamac mean?

Measuring site T1 is in Tecámac. This is a little town close to Mexico City. The name Tecámac is a Náhuatl word, an ancient Mexico's language, spoken by Aztecs. In Náhuatl, Tetl or Tec means stone, camatl...more

Fire nearby T1

Sometimes, during a field campaign, things happen that could alter the field gas and particles measurings. For instance, this image belongs to fire started by people who lived nearby. The fire produces...more

Pollutants on the Ground

The CMET balloon group launched two balloons on March 18 which had very successful flights. The balloons were purposely brought down as they approached US airspace over the Gulf of Mexico. By doing 'soundings'...more

Mexico City Pollution

Today we were down wind of Mexico City, and it was quite polluted. The ozone did not get that high, but perhaps that is because we are only 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) a bit close to the city. We do...more

Live from the Veracruz Operations Center!

Click here to see the movie Ever wonder what an international scientific mission looks like? This short movie starts with a pan of the daily briefing held in the Operations Center, a large, windowless,...more

Jetstream 31 Science Goals

The plane in the foreground is a Jetstream 31 (J31). It is flown under contract to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is one of a number of planes specially outfitted to make...more

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