Windows to the Universe - User Survey

We are hoping that this short survey will give us a better idea who our target audience is so that we may better serve your needs.

Thank you!

Section 1: Demographic Information

Your age:

Your gender:Female Male

Are you a student?
Yes No

If yes, which level?
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Continuing Education (i.e., taking classes, but not in a degree program)

Are you an educator?
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If yes, which level do you teach?
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Community College
4 year College or University
Continuing Education
Other (please specify):

Where do you live?
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State, if in the U.S.:

What is your race or ethnic group? (You can check more than one)
American Indian or Alaska Native
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If you work, where do you work?
K-12 School
College or University
Private Business
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Other (please specify):

Section 2: Usage Information

In what capacity do you use Windows to the Universe? (please select all that apply)
Personal interest/Fun
As a reference or research tool
As an educational tool (at home or elsewhere)
Other (please specify):

Where do you access Windows to the Universe ? (please select all that apply)
At School
At Community Center
Internet Cafe

Is this your first visit to our website?
Yes No

If not, how frequently do you use Windows to the Universe?
More than once weekly
Once per week
A few times a month
Once a month or less

Section 3: Evaluation Information

What subject areas were the most interesting for you:

What subject areas were the least interesting for you:

Are there subjects that you'd like to see added to the site?

How useful do you find the site in general?
Very Useful
Moderately Useful
Slightly Useful
Not Useful

Did you find the site easy to navigate?
Very Easy
Moderately Easy
Slightly Difficult
Very Difficult

Do you have any other comments about our site?
(Your comments may be used anonymously in promotional materials about the website)

Thank you for for participating in the future of the Windows to the Universe project!


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