Teachers' Share-A-Thon

To our teachers:

We dedicate this page to you! Though we will continue to strive to provide you with resources we believe can be of use to you in the classroom, we know that in many cases your needs will best be served by your "comrades in the trenches"--your fellow teachers.

Please use this page as a forum for exchanging ideas and information with each other. We offer a few suggestions for categories we feel might be of interest to you, but certainly welcome your suggestions for new or different ones. So please accept this page as your own. Grow it, shape it, and define it in the way it can be of most use to YOU!


From Ed Drouin (email: DROUINEA@aol.com)

"My contribution has yet to be rendered. I am an amateur student of Astronomy and Cosmology and I would like to offer my assistance to a local High School which is interested in starting an Astronomy program. If there is a teacher in Southern NH who would be interested in my contribution, please drop me a note. Astronomy courses offer such a marvelous way to integrate Astronomy, Physics, Math, English and Computer usage. I look forward to hearing from you out there in the Universe. Maybe our space ships could link to the benefit of students. - Old Ed"

From LaTosha (email: chipmunk12192001@yahoo.com)

"I am a preservice teacher and I am in need of some suggestions on how I could present an educational power point about the solar system, without making it too long and complicated?"

From Floyd H. Rogers (email: floydhrogers@ameritech.net)

"Hi there. I reciently retired after 34 years in the public school system. In the process, I cleaned out my files. Now, I decided to help out a parochial advanced 8th grade science class who was looking for a teacher. Do you have access to the Nausau Reaction? It turns orange, then black. I'd like to demo it for halloween. (Some ingredients: potassium iodate, soluable starch, mecuric chloride, ...) Also, 'Cold Light' (involving: luminal, potassium ferocynide, sodium hyrdroxide,...)."


Clark Satellite Education Outreach--Offers students a hands-on opportunity with space technology. Link submitted by Marianne Ceritelli (Ohio, Elementary School Teacher) .

Fun Brain's Quiz Lab--Make a quiz for your class on-line!

NASA's Education Program--Includes an overview of NASA's educational programs, on-line resources, educational materials and services, information about acquiring surplus equipment, minority research/education programs, NASA contacts.


National Space Grant-- College and Fellowship Program--information about national programs and contacts. Under "web sites" you will find links to Space Grant programs for each state.


Astronomy-Mall.com --A list of companies, with links, specializing in astronomy-related products and services.

Exploring the Internet with NASA-- The "Exploring the Internet with NASA" CD-ROM is now available for the remarkably low price of $3.50, which includes shipping and handling.

The CD-ROM casts students and first-time adult users as Internet explorers, taking them on an exciting, futuristic journey through cyberspace in a souped-up Spanish galleon. New online explorers discover what the Net is, what it's used for, and learn how to navigate it.

Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers --For all teachers (especially Canadians!). Tools for getting free materials, teacher guides, software, computers and more! Submitted by Quentin DSouza.

Monarch Watch--A site dedicated to Monarch education, conservation and research. Low cost curriculum guides, field guides, slide sets, nectar, live materials (MN and WI only), and kits for tagging and rearing Monarch butterflies. In some cases, staff will perform in-class workshops. The website also provides suggestions for classroom activities and opportunities for student participation.

Natural Wonders--Variety of products, games, books relating to earth science, astronomy and biology. 15% discount for products that will be used in the classroom--provide proof of employment (e.g. paystub, teacher id, etc. . .)

Sky and Telescope--Products relating to astronomy, telescope parts and accessories. Discount to teachers.

To submit resources you'd like to see included in this area, use our Teachers' Share-A-Form!!

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