Activity Titles

Water Prism

Activity Objective: To display the colors of the visible spectrum contained in sunlight.
Application: Art, Astronomy, Physical Science

Projecting Spectra

Activity Objective: To study the range of color hues in the visible spectrum.
Application: Art, Astronomy, Physical Science

Simple Spectroscope

Activity Objective: To construct a simple spectroscope with a diffraction grating.
Application: Astronomy, Physical Science

Analytical Spectroscope

Activity Objective: To construct an analytical spectroscope to analyze the spectrum produced when various substances are heated or excited with electricity.
Application: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physical Science

Red Shift, Blue Shift

Activity Objective: To demonstrate how stellar spectra can be used to measure a star's motion relative to Earth along the line of sight.
Application: Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Science

Wavelength and Energy

Activity Objective: To demonstrate the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Application: Astronomy, Mathematics, Physical Science

Resonance Rings

Activity Objective: To show how atoms and molecules in Earth's atmosphere absorb energy through resonance.
Application: Astronomy, Environmental Science, Meteorology, Physical Science

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