Plotting Sunspot Worksheet                      Name:____________________

Print out a copy of the solar graph. Use the table below to plot the location of the sunspots or active regions (AR's) on the solar graph. Be sure to label the AR with its identification number.

For a copy of the solar graph or for help on how to plot the active regions, click here.

Active Region Identification Number Location
6693 S07W88
6694 N05W85
6695 N04W62
6699 N10W15
6700 S27W71
6701 N19W09
6703 N28E30
6704 N10W65
6706 S13W10
6707 S12E18
6709 N14E13
6710 S32W54
6711 N22E29
6712 S16E25
6713 N34E45
6714 N11W05
6715 S18E53
6716 N12E58

Question for the Students

What pattern do you observe in the location of the active regions (i.e., where do most of the sunpots occur)?

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