Sensory Detail Word Bank:

Sound words
Loud words

Crash			yell			clap			brawl
Thud			whistle			stomp			bedlam
Bump			whine			stamp			pandemonium
Thump			squawk		        noise			hubbub
Boom			bark			discord			blatant
Thunder		        bawl			jangle			deafening
Bang			bray			rasp			raucous
Smash			bluster			clash			earsplitting
Explode		        rage			caterwaul		piercing
Roar			blare			clamor			rowdy
Scream			rumble			tumult			blast
Screech		        grate			riot			yowl
Shout			slam			racket			shatter
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________

Soft words

Sigh			mutter			gurgle			speechless
Murmur		        snap			swish			mute
Whisper		        hiss			rush			faint
Whir			crackle			chime			inaudible
Rustle			bleat			tinkle			melody
Twitter			peep			clink			resonance
Patter			buzz			hush			harmony
Hum			zing			still			musical
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________

Speech words

Stutter			sing			bellow			whimper
Stammer		        yell			growl			talk
Giggle			scream			chatter			speak
Guffaw 		        screech			murmur		        drawl
Laugh			snort			whisper		        hiss
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________

Sight words
Glittery		fluorescent		light			opaque
Opalescent		translucent		puckered		somber
Overcast		shimmery		luminous		glinting
Blazing		        radiant			filmy			lanky
Crooked		        billowing		tiny			huge
Dazzling		enormous		graceful		delicate
Attractive		ruddy			pallid			flamboyant
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________
Touch words
Cool			slippery		silky			gritty
Cold			spongy			satiny			sandy
Icy			mushy			velvety			rough
Lukewarm		oily			smooth			sharp
Tepid			waxy			soft			thick
Warm			fleshy			wooly			pulpy
Hot			rubbery			furry			dry
Steamy			tough			feathery		dull
Sticky			crisp			fuzzy			thin
Damp			elastic			hairy			fragile
Wet			leathery		prickly			tender
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________
Taste words
Oily			sugary			tangy			gingery
Buttery			crisp			unripe			hot
Salty			ripe			raw			burnt
Bitter			bland			alkaline		overripe
Bittersweet		tasteless		medicinal		spoiled
Sweet			sour			fishy			rotten
Hearty			vinegary		spicy
Mellow		        fruity			peppery
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________
Smell words
Sweet			piney			briny			rancid
Scented		        minty			acidic			sickly
Fragrant		odorous			acrid			stagnant
Aromatic		pungent			burnt			moldy
Perfumed		tempting		gaseous		        musty
Flowery		        spicy			reeking			mildewed
Heady			savory			putrid			damp
Fresh			sharp			rotten			dank
Balmy			gamey			spoiled			stench
Earthy			fishy			sour			stale
________		________		_________		________
________		________		_________		________


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