Let's Take a Rock Apart Worksheet

Discussion Questions

1) What difficulties did you encounter when sorting minerals according to one attribute or property?
(Answers will vary. You will need to define property (ies) well.)

2) Were the large specimens and the sorted piles similar?
(Yes, all specimens will vary slightly however.)

3) How many pieces of each color did you sort out in 15 minutes? a. all white= ______________
b. all pink= ________________
c. shiny black or gray= _____________
(Answers will vary from student to student.)

4) Can you name each of the specimens sorted? Place the names in the appropriate circles on the Venn diagram above.
(The white pile is quartz, pink pile is feldspar, shiny black and gray is mica, dull black is basalt and other rocks, and all other pieces may be hornblende.)

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