Workshop at the 2008 NSTA National Conference in Boston

Earth beside a SunspotWindows to the Universe staff presented a workshop titled "Magnetism Activities, Space Weather, and Geomagnetism (Earth's magnetic field)" at the NSTA National Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, from 8-9 AM on Thursday, March 27, 2008. The main elements of this workshop were a series of hands-on activities related to magnetism and a presentation about Space Weather and Sun-Earth connections. This page provides links to write-ups of the hands-on activities and links to resources (images, animations, etc.) displayed during the workshop.

List of Hands-on Activities

Write-ups of the hands-on activities conducted at the workshop can be found at the links below:

Images, Animations, and Interactives shown during the Presentation

Most of the images, animations, and interactives shown as part of the Space Weather presentation at the workshop are available online at the links listed below:

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