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Feeling the Heat
Data Collection Worksheet

Make a Prediction:
Where in your school yard will the temperature be the warmest? Write your prediction in the space below.





Collect Data:
Your group will work at one of the locations that your class has decided to test. Describe the location and then record the temperature data you collect below.

What’s this location like?
(Describe in your own words.)





What’s on the ground?

___ Trees
___ A garden
___ Grass
___ Soil
___ Asphalt
___ Concrete
Is there sunshine?

___ Sun
___ Full Shade
___ Part shade

Temperature data
Take temperature readings in degrees Celsius and then record them in the space below. Then take the average of the 5 measurements.)


Measurement #1: __________°C


Measurement #2: __________°C


Measurement #3: __________°C


Measurement #4: __________°C


Measurement #5: __________°C



AVERAGE: __________°C
(Add the five numbers and divide by five to get the average.)

Look at the data collected by all groups.
Where in your school yard was the temperature the warmest? Where was it the coolest? Why?





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