Looking at the World in a Different Light Quiz


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You'll need to use the football to help guide you through this tour. F=forward, B=back. You have to page through this tour one page at a time!

1. THE FLOATING MAN: What are the hottest parts of the man's body?       A) Head and Shoulders       B) Knees and Toes       C) Hands and Feet       D) Head and Hands

2. TEAKETTLE: If red represents the hottest part of the teakettle, where is the greatest amount of heat accumulated in the enlarged diagram?
      A) Top       B) Bottom       C) Right Side       D) Left Side

3. THE BEE: What color does the yellow FLOWER appear under UV light?
      A) Red       B) Blue       C) Yellow       D) Violet

4. THE ATOM: From the evidence provided, what element is being illustrated?
      A) Calcium       B) Hydrogen       C) Xenon       D) Carbon

5. THE ATOM: What atomic particle is the primary cause of radiant energy release within the atom?
      A) Electron       B) Proton       C) Neutron       D) Nucleus

6. SPECTRUM: The most familiar form of radiant energy is (are):
      A) Ultraviolet       B) Infrared       C) X-Rays       D) Visible Light

7. THE EYE: What component within the eye allows us to distinguish between colors?
      A) Rods       B) Cones       C) Retina       D) Optic nerve

8. SPECTRUM: Our eyes are most sensitive to light in the ? part of the spectrum.
      A) Orange-Yellow       B) Yellow-Green       C) Green-Blue       D) Blue- Violet

9. THE SUN'S RADIATION: The Y-axis of this graph is wavelength measured in:
      A) Angstroms       B) Inches       C) Yards       D) Kilometers

10. RADIANT ENERGY: Radiant energy can be identified by its frequency, wavelength, and the energy it carries. Which form of radiant energy has the highest frequency?
      A) Television Waves       B) Gamma Rays       C) Infrared Waves       D) Radiowaves

11. RADIANT ENERGY: Microwaves come from very ? objects.
      A) Warm       B) Cold       C) Hot       D) Cool

12. RADIANT ENERGY: What type of light do solar flares emit?
      A) Gamma       B) Ultraviolet       C) Infrared       D) Visible

13. OBJECTS ON EARTH--PEOPLE'S VIEWS: Which one of these is not a way that people try to control how warm or cool the are?
      A) They live in houses rather than outside       B) They heat or cool those houses       C) They wear clothing       D) They exercise frequently

14. OBJECTS ON EARTH: What part of the human body appears to release the most infrared
(IR)?       A) Skin       B) Hair       C) Legs       D) Hands

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