Careers & Weather Worksheet                       Name:____________________

From the following list, circle a job that sounds interesting to you. Then answer the questions in part I and part II of this worksheet.
Choose one career/job:
Grocer       Baker       Firefighter       Police Officer       Banker       Astronomer       Farmer       Sailor       Writer       Letter Carrier       Judge       Astronaut       Tennis Player       Construction Worker       Plumber       Race Car Driver       Auto Mechanic       Gardner       Business Person       Doctor       Teacher       Internet Developer       Biologist      

Part I

Pretend you work in the career you chose. Answer the following questions relating to your job:

1. What is the weather like for you today?

2. What special clothes will you wear today?

3. Will it be a nice day to work in your profession?

4. Will the weather help you do your job or will it make it harder?

5. What's the best kind of weather for the job you picked?

Part II

On a this sheet of paper (or on the back of this sheet), write a creative story that involves weather (good or bad) and the career you chose.

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