The purpose of the Space Physics and Aeronomy Research Collaboratory (SPARC) project is to design, develop, deploy, and evaluate Internet-based technology that helps space scientists work together in collaborative studies of space and upper atmospheric science. The SPARC team includes an international community of space, computer, and behavioral scientists.

The Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory, from which SPARC has developed, focused on internet-based collaborative interactions during real-time data acquisition, usually from a single site in Greenland ( Sondre Stromfjord). Over the last few years of the UARC project, a larger number of ground-based instruments and satellites were included as well as large-scale computational models of the upper atmosphere. The SPARC project now expands from the emphasis of UARC to include a wider range of participating instruments and models corresponding to an expanded emphasis on science topics spanning the Earth's magnetosphere-ionosphere- thermosphere system.

The SPARC project is funded by the National Science Foundation's Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence (KDI) program.
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