This SPARC project will be taking place from April 20th (16UT) to April 22 (16UT). 16UT is the same as noon Eastern daylight savings time for those of you who need a reference. Please feel free to take advantage of the resources we have here. You'll find Real-Time data under the menu "View Real Time Data". You'll find a chat room so that you can talk to our scientists under "Ask-A-Scientist". Explanations of the instruments and the methods they use are under "Instruments/Observatories". Much more explanation of what goes on between the Sun and Earth is under "Sun-Earth Connections". And of course, there is much, much more on this and surrounding pages.

This outreach section of the SPARC campaign is being supported by the Windows to the Universe project run out of the Space Physics Research Lab at the University of Michigan. If you have web related questions or would like to contact us, please feel free to call Dr. Roberta Johnson at 734-647-3395, fax SPARC related questions to 734-763-0437 (attn: Jennifer Leonard), or email our web master. You can also give us your comments through our internet form. We'd love to hear your feedback!
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