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The Spring 2011 issue of The Earth Scientist is focused on modernizing seismology education. Thanks to IRIS, you can download this issue for free as a pdf. Print copies are available in our online store.

Myths about Mercury

Here are two stories about Mercury, one of the gods in the Roman pantheon. Mercury was identified with the Greek god Hermes.
<a href="/mythology/Definitions_gods/Mercury_def.html&edu=high&dev=1">Mercury</a> was the messenger-god of <a href="/mythology/Definitions_gods/Jupiter_def.html&edu=high&dev=1">Jupiter</a>, and was the god of games, of business, and of story telling. Painting by Diego Velazquez (1570) entitled "Mercury and Argos."<p><small><em>Courtesy of the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, Spain.</em></small></p>

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