Myths about Jupiter and its Moons

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is also one of the brighter objects in the night sky. No one knows for sure who discovered Jupiter, but it was known in ancient times. The Roman god Jupiter is associated with the Greek god, Zeus. There are many interesting myths about Jupiter's Moons, too, which were named after mythological beings associated with Jupiter/Zeus.
"Temple of Jupiter" by Giovanni Battista Cipriani.    In Roman mythology, Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) was the king of heaven and Earth and of all the Olympian gods. He was also known as the god of justice.<p><small><em>   Image courtesy of Corel Corporation.</em></small></p>According to <a href="">NASA scientists</a>, the Voyager 1 spacecraft entered interstellar space in August 2012, becoming the first spacecraft to leave the <a href="/our_solar_system/solar_system.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">solar system</a>. The space probe is about 19 billion km from the <a href="/sun/sun.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Sun</a>.  <a href="/space_missions/voyager.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Voyager 1 and 2</a> were launched in 1977 on a <a href="/space_missions/voyager.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">mission</a> that flew them both by <a href="/jupiter/jupiter.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Jupiter</a> and <a href="/saturn/saturn.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Saturn</a>, with Voyager 2 continuing to <a href="/uranus/uranus.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Uranus</a> and <a href="/neptune/neptune.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Neptune</a>. Voyager 2 is the longest continuously operated spacecraft. It is about 15 billion km away from the <a href="/sun/sun.html&dev=1/earth/Atmosphere/moons/triton_atmosphere.html">Sun</a>.<p><small><em>Image courtesy of NASA</em></small></p>

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