King of the World

You are now King or Queen of the World!

Queen of the World

Congratulations on your coronation, Your Majesty! Now, your loyal subjects need your help and wise guidance.

Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels including petroleum ( Petroleum icon ), coal ( Coal icon ), and natural gas ( Natural gas icon ). Burning these fuels releases carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that is causing Earth's climate to warm.

You must choose a new mix of energy sources for your subjects. You need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions ( CO2 emissions icon ) by selecting a different mix of energy sources. You should also try to continue to supply your subjects with the amount of energy ( Energy Generated icon ) they are used to having.

If possible, you should also try to:

Cost icon Keep the cost of energy as low as you can

Environmental Impacts icon Avoid damage to the environment

Policy support or resistance icon Gain support for your policies among the public, businesses, and governments of the world

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