Kool Kids' Links


The Butterfly Website--Lots of butterfly pictures!

Cyber ZooMobile--A great animal page...trivia and brain teasers

Herp Pictures--Frogs, snakes, lizards, turtles and more!

Sea World--Whales, dolphins and more!

Earth Science

Desert USA--All about deserts!

VolcanoWorld--Includes a special Kids' Door Section

The Weather Dude--Find about how weather works and get free stuff!


Explorers' Club--Environmental Protection Agency's page for kids

Rainforest Action Network--How kids can help save the rainforests


Coolmath.com--A math amusement park!

Dr. Math--Ask Dr. Math a question

Space Sciences

Amazing Space--Web activities that deal with the Hubble Space Telescope

KidsAstronomy.com--A great site full of facts, games, and fun!

Space Camp--Go to camp and learn to be an astronaut!

Space Day--Celebrated on the first Thursday in May every year...

NASA for Kids--space, science, hands-on activities

Spacenoodles--Free outer space greeting cards!

Startalker.com--A great astronomy program that will help you learn the constellations and stars as you gaze at the stars. Check it out!

Sun-Earth Stuff!--Pictures, flip books, games and more...

Your Sky--Maps of the sky over your house

Your Weight on Other Worlds--Ever wonder what you might weigh on Mars or the Moon?


Ask Jeeves for Kids!--An excellent and easy-to-use search engine especially for kids.

Cybersurfari--A great internet scavenger hunt for kids of all ages!

Funschool--Educational activities and games

Kids' Almanac--Info and facts for kids, and a homework help area.

KidsCom--Safe site with games, activities and more!

Exploratorium--All kinds of interactive sites, tours, and hands-on experiments

Taking the Bully by the Horns--A serious topic, but an important one...don't let yourself be made fun of or pushed around by nasty people...

Teach the Children Well--Safe site with with tons of links to sites especially for elementary school students!

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