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Celebrate Earth Day 2008
News story originally written on April 18, 2008

People around the world are celebrating. Why? Because April 22 is Earth Day.

On Earth Day, people show their appreciation for the planet in many ways. Some have Earth Day parties. Others attend environmental rallies. Still others organize recycling and clean up natural areas.

Earth Day began in the spring of 1970, and was started by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Senator Nelson was dedicated to environmental protection and land conservation. His interest in the environment began with a book about pollution. The book, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, was the first book for the general public to discuss the dangerous effects of pesticides on ecosystems and people. Nelson spoke at college campuses across the country on the first Earth Day. The college students became interested and pushed the nation and the government into recognizing the importance of saving the environment.

Earth Day has been celebrated ever since. It helps people remember to make decisions and pass laws that are healthy for the Earth. For example, Earth Day has helped people understand how important recycling is for keeping the environment clean. Earth Day is also a time for learning about the impacts of climate change and how people can make a positive impact on the planet. In effect, Earth Day has created a more environmentally conscious nation.

The Earth is a unique planet. It has supported life for billions of years. As our human population continues to grow, the natural resources that we use deplete. Recognizing this, many people are doing all they can to clean up after themselves and use Earth's resources wisely - doing all they can to live sustainably.

So celebrate Earth Day, recycle those milk jugs and old homework assignments, don't litter, plant a tree, and appriciate your planet!

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