Some scientists study tree rings like these to figure out what climates of the past were like. Each year that the tree was alive it grew another ring, making its trunk wider. The thickness of a ring depends on what the weather was like during the year in which it grew.
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Corporate and Foundation Sponsorship of Windows to the Universe

If your company or foundation is interested in supporting science education for K-12 students, helping to provide quality resources for teachers, and improving science literacy in our country and around the world, we encourage you to join our current sponsors in helping to support the Windows to the Universe project. Your generous and tax exempt contributions will be used exclusively for these purposes: developing new content and activities, professional development for educators, translating content into Spanish and other languages, responding to comments and questions, and maintaining the content on the website. Because the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research is a non-profit organization, your contributions to the Windows to the Universe project are tax deductible.

What level of sponsorship should your company or foundation provide? Any contribution will be gratefully received and acknowledged by the project office. But to give you an idea of our overall funding needs, please see the table below:

  • Each three level page on the website costs about $1000 to create.
  • Translation of each page into Spanish costs about $100.
  • Creation of a new interactive costs about ~$10,000.
  • Our annual professional development program for teachers, reaching thousands of teachers annually and providing training to ~3000 teachers per year, costs about $100,000 per year, including travel and materials distributed to teachers.
  • Development of a new section of the website costs from $10,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the scope and complexity of the section being developed.
    • We offer three levels of corporate sponsorship:

      • Major Corporate Sponsors - contributing $10,000 or more in a year. Major Corporate sponsors will be acknowledged not only through our list of sponsors, but also through inclusion of their linked logo on the front page of the website. Major Corporate sponsors will have the opportunity to identify one section of the website that they would like to "Adopt", with their support for that section identified on all pages in that section. Exclusive adoption privileges are available for Corporate Sponsors at or above $25,000 per year, with their sponsorship acknowledged through inclusion of their linked logo throughout that section of the website.
      • Corporate Sponsors - contributing $1,000 to 9,999 per year. Corporate Sponsors will be acknowledged not only through our list of sponsors, but also through inclusion on a drop down list on the front page of the website.
      • Corporate Contributors - contributing up to $999 per year. Corporate Contributors will be acknowledged on our list of sponsors.

      In addition, we offer sponsors the opportunity to indicate how they would like to direct their sponsorship: general project support, content development, Spanish translation, or professional development for educators. To become a Corporate Sponsor, click here.

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