The Windows to the Universe Team

The team of scientists, artists, educators, programmers, and library and museum professionals that work or have worked on the Windows to the Universe project have a wide range of interests and specializations. To find out more about us, please check out the biographies we've prepared below!

Current Windows to the Universe Team:

Project Founder and Director

Dr. Roberta Johnson


Dr. Eduardo Araujo-Pradere, Consultant
Jennifer Bergman, Consultant
Becca Hatheway, UCAR
Dr. Travis Metcalfe, NCAR
Dr. Randy Russell, UCAR
Dennis Ward, UCAR

Current Postcards from the Field Contributors

Joanna Molenda-Zakowicz
Katrien Uytterhoeven
Orlagh Creevey


Susan Foster, UCAR
David Mastie, Consultant
Parker Pennington, Consultant


Dr. Julia Genyuk, UCAR


Dr. Eduardo Araujo-Pradere, Consultant


Marlene DiMarco

Windows to the Universe "Alumni" (folks who worked on this project in the past):


Dr. Lisa Gardiner
Dr. Claudia Alexander
Dr. Jon Linker
Bonnie Rubin
Michael Fisher
Dr. Virginie Colaiuta
Irfan Azeem
Macksood Aftab
Michael Burek
Dr. Janet Kozyra
Theodore Clarke
Angie J. Venturato
John Bravender
Sarah Joseph
Brian Laba
Dr. Tammy M. Long
Polsintoovly (aka Chris Gleason)

Postcards from the Field Contributors

Dr. Timothy Killeen
Dr. Brigitte Baeuerle, NCAR
Katie Beem, Graduate Student, Colorado State University
Wiesje Mooiweer Bryan, University of Wyoming
Carlye Calvin, UCAR
Dr. Patrick Chaung, California Institute of Technology
Jake Crouch, North Carolina State University
Rhea George, University of Washington
Lelia Hawkins, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. Taehyoung Lee, Colorado State University
Matthew Miller
Dione Rossiter, University of California, Santa Cruz
Dr. Jeff Snider
Dr. Cynthia Twohy, Oregon State University
Dr. Robert Wood, University of Washington
Dr. Paquita Zuidema
Jean Pennycook
Dr. Kelly Carroll, POLENET
Dr. Sally Walker, University of Georgia
Tonya Riggs
Brad Clement
Dr. Robert Bindschadler, NASA
Louise Huffman
Dr. Kate Pound, St. Cloud State University
Robert Williams
Dr. Ken Mankoff, Columbia University
Robin Frisch-Gleason
Joanna Hubbard
Janine Goldstein, NCAR
Eric Simms, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. Chris Cantrell, NCAR
David Greenberg, Mohawk Trail Regional School District
Dr. Barry Lefer, University of Houston
Alison Lehnherr-George, The Westminster Schools, Georgia
Dr. Judy Lloyd, SUNY Old Westbury
Oscar Peralta, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Dr. Dara Salcedo, National Autonomous University of Mexico


Rei Inamoto
Michelle McDonagh
Aisha Miller
Tobias Mixer
Nate Proulx
Mike Shibao
Ben Stevenson


Hank Thoenes
Marianne Ceritelli
Dr. Sandra Henderson
Tom Kelly

Library/Museum Specialists

Dr. Joan Durrance
Emily Lenhart
Paul Orselli
Carl Nelson
Leslie Kimall


Michael Burek
Ryan Deardorff
Lyell Haynes
Douglas Lau
Dr. Terry Weymouth
Dr. Sandra Bartlett
Dr. Craig Rasmussen
Brawnski Armstrong


Marina LaGrave
Tanya Fridman


Sheila Addington

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Dr. Paquita Zuidema

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