Michael Burek

Hello! I am an Engineer that specializes in designing and building measurement systems for scientific research. On the Windows to the Universe Project I am responsible for the technical portions of the project. I tend the server, develop CGI scripts, Java applets, and brainstorm with the developers and artists to create new and fun ways to present our information. I also help Roberta with organizing the HTML development and I am having fun helping with the science content development. I find the area of archaeoastronomy fascinating and, I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

I earned my Engineering degree in 1982 from Michigan Technological University specializing in electronic and computer design.

At the University I also work on a project that makes remote scientific data and collaboration tools available to scientists connected to the internet, worldwide.

In the past I have designed parts of airborne multispectral sensor systems, a computer that controlled a triaxial acceleration sensor system for the Space Shuttle (Columbia), a telemetry and control system for the HRDI (High Resoloution Doppler Imager) satellite, and a three dimensional, real time visualization system for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

In my non work hours I like to dance a lot. I'm taking four or five Jazz classes a week as well as folk dancing (contra) on weekends. When I'm resting I like to read well written literature and poetry (click here for a favorite poem), listen to all types of music (except country), and yak on the phone. I enjoy hiking, oceans, mountains, European cities and travel. I have a 17 year old daughter who's a senior this year. We've traveled in Europe the past couple of summers, and have enjoyed it tremendously.

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Michael Burek

Hello! I am an Engineer that specializes in designing and building measurement systems for scientific research. On the Windows to the Universe Project I am responsible for the technical portions of the...more

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