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Thank you for visiting Windows to the Universe. Windows to the Universe has been in development since 1995. Over the years, there have been many writers of the pages on the site. Most pages have been worked on by more than one person. Here is a listing of just some of the university faculty, pre-college teachers, university students, scientists, artists, library and museum specialists, and programmers who have contributed to our site over the years.

If you need to cite a page on our internet site in your bibliography for a project, please cite the page source as such:

Windows to the Universe team. Title of Specific Page Used. Boulder, CO: © 2010 National Earth Science Teachers Association, Date of last modification for that page. Online. Available: Date you accessed the page.

This citation follows the basic guidelines of citing electronic resources according to the MLA Handbook. It also includes information on how to cite electronic resources according to the APA Handbook.

As an example, the correct MLA citation for our Biomes and Ecosystems page is:

Windows to the Universe team. Biomes and Ecosystems. Boulder, CO: © National Earth Science Teachers Association, October 3, 2008. Online. Available: .

The correct APA citation for the same page is:

Windows to the Universe team (2008). Biomes and Ecosystems. Retrieved , from

If you have any questions concerning citing our internet site, please feel free to contact us through our comments form.

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