NASA ESE Review, December 2001

Cybersurfari Outpost Site, October 19, 2001 Site of the Day, August 21, 2001

Surfing the Net with Kids 4 star rating, June 13, 2001

Cybersurfari Site, June 29, 2001

Technology/Engineering Management, Inc. Review, May 31, 2001

Scientific American Sci/Tech Web Awards 2001, May 2001

sciLINKS featured site, April, 2001

Bigchalk Exceptional Educational Site, March 2001

Cybersurfari Site, March 23, 2001 Recommended Website, February 2001

New Scientist Site of the Day, January 16, 2001

Apple iReview 3 Star rating, Dec. 2000
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StudyWeb® Academic Excellence Award, December 2000

Popular Science Magazine 50 Best of the Web, Oct. 2000

USA Today Education Website 'Best Bet' for the week of 11/21/1999

USA Today 'Hot Site', August 25, 1999

Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Award, July 1999 Top10 Award for Kids and Youth, December 1999

Bill Nye's Web Search Site of Science

BBC Education Web Guide Site

Dr. Copernicus Award, Copernicus Interactive, June 1999

NetTech NeatTech: Best of the Web in Educational Technology

CyberSurfari Practice Site

Space Careers Space Site of the Week, Dec 14, 1998

Sirius Forensiks Rock On Award for March, 1999

Surf Monkee Starsite

Sciencing--Outstanding Example in the Education Category, July 1998

New Scientist Planet Science Hot Spot

Steve's Astronomy and Space Exploration Site

JumpZone Links Star rating

Astropro NetSelect Directory Site

Ohio Reflinks Project Golden Chain Award for Excellence, July 1998

Eisenhower Clearing House Digital Dozen for October

chaosKIDS Site of the Month, August 1997

Griffith Observatory Star Award, August 1997

Education World A Rating, May, 1998

Pick-a-Pat's Pick for May 25, 1998

Netsurfer Digest 'highly recommended' site, November, 1998

Education Finalist, 3rd Annual GII Awards

Ask Jeeves Cool Site

Mousetrak Cool Link of the Week

'The Site' Site of the Nite

Magellan 4 star rating

The Web 100 Top 100 Site

Exceptional Site Rating, Britannica Internet Guide

Project Cool Sightings

Astropro's Website of the Week Award, Oct 7, 1996

Hot Site of Ann Arbor, April 22-29 1997

Yahooligans! Fun Site for Kids

Learning in Motion Top 10 Educational Site

Stacey's Award

Excite 4 Mark Rating

GSC Atlantic's Earth Science Site of the Week, November 22, 1996

Kid's Corner - Web Surfin' Fun Science Site

ZapMe! 'Wow' Site

Paisley's Cool Site

Virtual Reference Desk *Hot* Web Site, Week of June 23, 1997

National Network for Child Care KidSite

The Learning Kingdom Cool Site of the Day

MosCom Website of the Week, 5/30/97

Exploratorium Ten Cool Sites, September 1997

BONUS.COM Editor's Choice

Xplore site of the day, December 30, 1996 and May 15, 1997

TNT Gold Link Contender, Winner of Rounds 1 and 2

Dynamite Site of the Nite, 10/22/96

Blue Web'n 5 Star Rating

Andrew's Cool Sites of the Week, October 28, 1996

Featured on One Click Away

The GIST Pick of the Day

Infi Net Cool Site of the Day

WebCrawler Select Site

Cool Site of the Day, Channel Cyberia

Infoseek Select Site

Academy Online Award for Educational Excellence

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