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Resourses useful for the Earth and Space Science education classroom, as well as for home schoolers and others interested in learning about the Earth and Space Sciences.


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Young Voices for the Planet DVD

A DVD with 8 inspiring documentary films (3-7 minutes each) that dispel fear of climate change and inspire understanding through stories of youth speaking out, doing citizen-science and taking action.

Price: $29.95 for personal or classroom use; $49.95 Institutional and for public screening rights

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Traveling Nitrogen Classroom Activity Kit
Students play the role of nitrogen atoms traveling through the nitrogen cycle. Classroom activity kit includes Traveling Nitrogen activity description, a Student Passport Worksheet (for making additional copies as needed), 10 dice, dice code and reservoir station sign instructions, 11 color laminated nitrogen station signs, stamp template instructions and 11 pages of color station stamps for gluing to Student Passports. This kit works for a class of 30 students. Stamp templates can be copied if additional stamps are needed.

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The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals Version 1.4

The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals explores the world of geology in an exciting and highly interactive way. What are minerals and how are they different from rocks? What are the three groups of rocks and the geological processes involved in the formation of each? You will learn to identify and name minerals and rocks, just like a geologist does on a field trip.

Written by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens, Illinois Central College, and Edward Greaney, Hunterdon Central Regional High School. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

Our price: $59.00

The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0
A DVD with 133 Activities and Many Resources
about Basic Ideas in Space (and Earth) Science

The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 educational DVD-ROM, developed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific,
contains 133 field-tested hands-on activities, 17 topical guides, 52 background articles, 55 introductory images, and 12 short videos on the topics of astronomy, planetary science, and Earth science.

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The Theory of Plate Tectonics Version 2.2

The Theory of Plate Tectonics is a dynamic exploration of how Earth's lithospheric plates change through time. Version 2.2, fully narrated, embarks on a new way to study this exciting theory. All artwork enhances the understanding of the topics covered including many animations, which are easily manipulated by the user. Included is an illustrated glossary with audio pronunciations. An index makes it easy to jump to selected frames covering a specific geologic term. Navigation throughout the program is easier with fast forward, fast reverse, jump to a numbered frame, glossary, and index buttons available on every frame. Review activities are scored and may be printed for easy teacher assessment. Version 2.2 now appears in a window that can be moved and resized. This CD-ROM includes two levels: Intermediate and Advanced (Grade 7 - 12 and college). Student Worksheets available online!

Written by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens, Illinois Central College. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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The Study of Minerals Version 1.8

The Study of Minerals Version 1.8 is a comprehensive learning tool for anyone interested in minerals, from a casual collector to the advanced mineralogy student. Learn about how crystals form, chemical composition, their symmetry, and properties. Find out what minerals are or go straight to microscopic and laboratory analysis of minerals. Study gems and ores, then test your skill at mineral exploration. Includes animated interactive activities, illustrated glossary, abundant photographs, video clips, and easy access to an extensive illustrated mineral properties database of over 150 minerals. Includes two college levels of study: Intermediate (Introduction to Minerals) and Advanced (Mineralogy).

Written by M. Darby Dyar, Ph.D., Mount Holyoke College, Richard M. Busch, Ph.D., and C. Gil Wiswall, Ph.D.,West Chester University. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVIII, Issue 3, Fall 2012
sponsored by National Science Foundation.

Articles in the Fall 2012 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Discovering Careers in the Earth Sciences, by Geoff Camphire
  • The Carbon Cycle Game: A Regionally Relevant Activity to Introduce Climate Change, by Joëlle Clark, Jane Marks, Carol Haden, Melinda Bell and Bruce Hungate
  • The ELF: Building Climate Change Science Knowledge Through Hands‑on Activities, by Louise Huffman, Jean Pennycook, Frank Rack and Betsy Youngman
  • EarthLabs – An Earth System Science Laboratory Module to Facilitate Teaching About Climate Change, by Tamara Shapiro Ledley, Nick Haddad, Erin Bardar, Katherine Ellins, Karen McNeal and Julie Libarkin
  • Teaching Controversy, by Mark McCaffrey
  • Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities from the Climate Literacy Ambassadors Community, by Margaret Mooney, Steve Ackerman, Galen McKinley, Tom Whittaker and Tommy Jasmin
  • Predicting the Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystems: A High School Curricular Module, by Vanessa Peters, Tanya Dewey, Andrew Kwok, George Starr Hammond and Nancy Butler Songer

The print version of this issue contains an Earth Science Week poster from AGI.

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The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVIII, Issue 2, Summer 2012

Articles in the Summer 2012 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Tornado Debris Balls, by James Vavrek, Jason Rybinski, Allen Pokracki and Brian Wilkes,
  • Data Analysis: Tropical Storm and Hurricane Frequency, by Ben Wildeboer
  • Measuring the Solar System in Our Own Backyard, by Brittnee Lydy and Brian Polk
  • Stars in Their Eyes, Math on Their Minds, by Craig Beals and Jennifer Combs
  • Teaching STEM with Web-Based GIS, by Joseph Kerski

The print version of this Summer TES issue contains, for your classroom, a full color poster from NOAA, "Ten signs of a Warming World".

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The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVIII, Issue 1, Spring 2012
sponsored by Chandra X-Ray Observatory's Education and Public Outreach Office.

Articles in the Spring 2012 issue of The Earth Scientist include:

  • Decoding Starlight: From Pixels to Images, by Doug Lombardi
  • Ice Core Records – From Volcanoes To Supernovas, by Donna Young
  • Transit of Venus, by Elaine Lewis, Sten Odenwald and Troy Cline
  • Pulsating Variable Stars and the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram, by Donna Young
  • Investigating Supernova Remnants, by Doug Lombardi

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The Earth Scientist, Volume XXVII, Issue 4, Winter 2011

Our Winter 2011 issue of The Earth Scientist includes 6 articles dealing with various aspects of Earth Science. These include an article recapping the 2011 MESTA/NESTA Summer Field Conference in Hawaii. Then there’s an article asking the question, “Is there such a thing as geological patience?” An article is included describing how rocks and fossils can be used to stimulate student curiosity. We’ve included an exceptional article, summarizing the results of our 2011 NESTA survey “What’s Happening in Earth & Space Science Education, Today?” There’s an article showing how you can effectively use Science Notebooks while working with your classes on a student activity dealing with issues surrounding Waste Management. The issue also includes an article describing a secure method by which your students can easily have conversations, on-line, with real scientists, in a way that stimulates the students’ thinking and questioning techniques. Finally, as this is the final TES issue of the year, I have included for your use, an Index of all the articles for 2011.

The print version of this TES issue includes two posters for your use. The Sun Earth Day Poster is graciously provided by NASA. The Pacific Ocean Poster was provided by the people at Coast and Ocean in California. A key to the map is included on page 35 of this issue.

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