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Resourses useful for the Earth and Space Science education classroom, as well as for home schoolers and others interested in learning about the Earth and Space Sciences.


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Explore the Planets Version 2.1

Explore the Planets Version 2.1 helps students investigate the planets and their satellites and understand the processes that shape them: volcanism, impact cratering, tectonics, landslides, flowing water, and wind. They will study the planets the way planetary scientists do, by comparing, for example, why some volcanoes on Mars are so much larger than their counterparts on Earth. They’ll discover why impact craters are so widespread and much more. (Grades 5 through 12)

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Introduction to Topographic Maps Version 2.0

With Introduction to Topographic Maps you will learn how to use these maps to determine elevations, landform types, principles of scale, location, and much more. You will read and draw contour lines based on points of known elevations, construct topographic profiles, and determine slope and relief. Includes full color photos, animations, related topics on Map Projections, U.S. Geological Survey, Using a Compass and Map, and more. Intended for grades 7 through 12 and college.

Written by Kenneth Pinzke, Belleville Area College. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works Version 2.1

Plate Tectonics and How the Earth Works is designed to aid advanced students in the geological sciences in visualizing and learning about processes within Earth and how these processes are related to plate tectonics. This interactive program includes a chapter entitled "Crustal and Mantle Evolution" which delves into the origin and evolution of continents and the early history of the Earth. Using animations, interactive diagrams, and color photos, new and exciting developments are reviewed relating to plate reconstructions in the past, hotspots, mantle plumes, seismic discontinuities in the mantle, and supercontinent cycles. Also included is a graphic portrayal of the crust (both oceanic and continental), mantle, and core, as well as recent ideas as to how Earth systems interact with each other. In addition, the student can examine each of the major tectonic settings on Earth as well as track these settings into the past, some as far back as 4 Ga. College level.

Written by Kent C. Condie, Ph.D., New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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The Theory of Plate Tectonics Version 2.2

The Theory of Plate Tectonics is a dynamic exploration of how Earth's lithospheric plates change through time. Version 2.2, fully narrated, embarks on a new way to study this exciting theory. All artwork enhances the understanding of the topics covered including many animations, which are easily manipulated by the user. Included is an illustrated glossary with audio pronunciations. An index makes it easy to jump to selected frames covering a specific geologic term. Navigation throughout the program is easier with fast forward, fast reverse, jump to a numbered frame, glossary, and index buttons available on every frame. Review activities are scored and may be printed for easy teacher assessment. Version 2.2 now appears in a window that can be moved and resized. This CD-ROM includes two levels: Intermediate and Advanced (Grade 7 - 12 and college). Student Worksheets available online!

Written by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens, Illinois Central College. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals Version 1.4

The Wonders of Rocks and Minerals explores the world of geology in an exciting and highly interactive way. What are minerals and how are they different from rocks? What are the three groups of rocks and the geological processes involved in the formation of each? You will learn to identify and name minerals and rocks, just like a geologist does on a field trip.

Written by Edward J. Tarbuck and Frederick K. Lutgens, Illinois Central College, and Edward Greaney, Hunterdon Central Regional High School. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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An Introduction to Structural Methods Version 1.2

An Introduction to Structural Methods DVD-ROM, narrated by the authors, is richly illustrated with 3-D diagrams, geologic maps, animations, and photographs all in full color offering a new approach to teaching structural geology.

Written by H. Robert Burger, Ph.D., Smith College, and Tekla A. Harms, Ph.D., Amherst College. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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The Study of Minerals Version 1.8

The Study of Minerals Version 1.8 is a comprehensive learning tool for anyone interested in minerals, from a casual collector to the advanced mineralogy student. Learn about how crystals form, chemical composition, their symmetry, and properties. Find out what minerals are or go straight to microscopic and laboratory analysis of minerals. Study gems and ores, then test your skill at mineral exploration. Includes animated interactive activities, illustrated glossary, abundant photographs, video clips, and easy access to an extensive illustrated mineral properties database of over 150 minerals. Includes two college levels of study: Intermediate (Introduction to Minerals) and Advanced (Mineralogy).

Written by M. Darby Dyar, Ph.D., Mount Holyoke College, Richard M. Busch, Ph.D., and C. Gil Wiswall, Ph.D.,West Chester University. Illustrated by Dennis Tasa.

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