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Picture of Apollo 4 launch.


To learn more about a specific mission from the Apollo program, the most successful and expensive space program in human history, select one of the links below:

Apollo 1 Apollo 7
Apollo 8 Apollo 9
Apollo 10 Apollo 11
Apollo 12 Apollo 13
Apollo 14 Apollo 15
Apollo 16 Apollo 17

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Apollo 1

The Apollo space program, scheduled for its first launch on Feb. 21, 1967, started in tragedy. On Jan. 27, 1967, astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee were executing a dress rehearsal when...more

Apollo 7

The Apollo 7 mission was launched on Oct. 11, 1968, carrying astronauts Walter Schirra, Jr., Donn Eisele, and Walter Cunningham on board. It successfully accomplished all its objectives, giving NASA and...more

Apollo 8

Originally planned as another Earth orbiting mission like Apollo 7, Apollo 8's objectives were changed due to pressure of beating the Soviet Union in the race to the Moon. Powered by the Saturn V rocket,...more

Apollo 9

The major goal of the Apollo 9 mission was to conduct the first tests of the Lunar Module and other new space equipment. The Lunar Module was the latest piece of hardware designed to safely carry astronauts...more

Apollo 10

Apollo 10 was launched on May 18, 1969, carrying astronauts Thomas Stafford, John Young, and Eugene Cernan. It served as a "dress rehearsal" for the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission which followed a month...more

Apollo 13

After the Apollo 1 fire, NASA suffered its second failure in the Apollo program with their thirteenth space mission. Apollo 13 was launched on Apr. 11, 1970, carrying astronauts James Lovell, John Swigert,...more

Apollo 14

Astronauts Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa, and Edgar Mitchel were launched from Earth on Jan. 31, 1971 aboard Apollo 14. Their mission was to land on the Moon and carry out experiments on it surface, similar...more

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