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Ancient Egyptian Mythology - Windows to the Universe

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Ancient Egyptian Mythology

Visit the links to learn about ancient Egyptian myths related to objects in the sky, the Earth, and aspects of their world.

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<a href="/php/tour_test_sqli.php?page=/mythology/nut_sky.html">Nut</a> was the Egyptian sky goddess. She was depicted as a giant woman who was supporting the sky with her back. Her body was blue and covered by <a href="the_universe/Stars.html">stars</a>. Ancient documents describe how each evening, the <a href="/php/tour_test_sqli.php?page=/sun/sun.html">Sun</a> entered the mouth of Nut and passing through her body was born each morning out of her womb.<p><small><em>Image courtesy of GoldenMeadows.  Public domain.</em></small></p>

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