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Becca Hatheway - Windows to the Universe

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Becca Hatheway

I joined the Windows to the Universe team as an educational designer in the spring of 2007.

My professional background is in science and environmental education. I studied religion and environmental studies as an undergraduate at Colgate University (B.A. 1994) and science education at Western Washington University (M. Ed. 1999). My Masterís thesis topic was "The Effects of Experiencing Wilderness on Washington Adolescents".

For ten years I was involved in teaching in a variety of capacities, including: teaching kindergarten, leading recreation programs with preK-5 students, teaching field based natural history to grades 3-12 students in the Rocky Mountains, and guiding summer field experiences for adolescents in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. I worked at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science four years, where I managed the preK-12 classroom programs in cultural and natural history, developed and facilitated teacher professional development programs, and developed the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Online Guide. Since joining the UCAR Office of Education and Outreach in 2004, I have worked on a K-4 project called Elementary GLOBE, developed curriculum and classroom activities, and facilitated in-person and distance learning teacher professional development programs for K-12 teachers. I am also working hard to learn Spanish so I can better use it with my job.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, biking, snowboarding, gardening, reading, and traveling.

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