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The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0 DVD from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific is in our online store, filled with Earth and space science resources.
Teachers participate in hands-on activities at a workshop at the NSTA National Conference on Science Education.
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Image Courtesy of UCAR's Office of Education and Outreach

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September 2014 Newsletter


Ready or not, here they come!  This newsletter is full of resources to help you as you start your new academic year, with science highlights, as well as educational resources and opportunities from Windows to the Universe, NESTA, and our partner organizations.


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NOAA Climate Webinar
Cit Sci ES Wk Site
The Guide Film
Climate Smart/Energy
DEW & Picture Post
Test item
W2U Web Seminars
Teacher Resources
Magnetic Poles
Hispanic Scientists
Coastal Cleanup!
Be Ready!
Protect Groundwater
World Water Chall
Estuaries Week 2014
Free Museum Day
Public Lands Day
Send Name-Asteroid
GreenWorks! Grant
Green Thumb Chall
K-5 Math/Sci Grants
ES Week 2014 Connect
Natl Fossil Day
Geologic Map Day
ES Wk Contests
Einstein Fellowships
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La Brea Adapt
Geoscientists 3-D
Geoscience Workforce
EPA Blogs
SEED Program
IDV Photostream
Earth Gauge Courses
Science Behind News
GeoWord of the Day
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