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Pick a Postcard - Mars

This is an image of Mars.
Courtesy of NASA/JPL

This is an image of Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in February 1995.
Courtesy of STScI and NASA

This is a mosaic of Mars of the Syrtis Major region.
Courtesy of USGS

This is a false color image of the caldera collapse pit at the summit of one of the large volcanos on the Tharsis plateau.
Courtesy of NASA

This is a false color image of the Valles Marineris showing possibility of erosion.
Courtesy of NASA

This is a mosaic of Olympus Mons, the highest volcano on Mars.
Courtesy of NASA

This photograph shows the Sojourner rover and the rock Yogi. Notice the red tone of the soil on Mars. The soil of Mars contains minerals rich in the element iron.
Courtesy JPL/NASA

The Sojourner rover viewed crossing the dune, Mermaid, on sol 30 (August 3, 1997).
Courtesy JPL/NASA

This is a photograph of the Viking Lander 1 site of the surface and atmosphere of Mars.
Courtesy NASA/JPL

This is an image of a hill in the northern plains called the Face on Mars .
Courtesy NASA/JPL

This is a Viking image of the surface of Mars. The footpad of the Viking lander is visible in the corner of the image.
Courtesy of NASA

This is an image of a sunset on Mars from Mars Pathfinder.
Courtesy of JPL/NASA

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