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Poetry and Pictures - Weather

Dutch painter Jan Vermeer painted the town of Delft, Holland where he lived for his entire life (1632-1675). Above the town, he painted stratocumulus clouds in the sky.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But just what words?

We'd like to invite you to submit your own poem about this month's featured Weather image. Be as creative and expressive as you can! And check back next month to write another wonderful poem about a weather image.

by Síonna, age 8.5, Boulder, Colorado

Kids Dream about Everything.
Turtles Dream about winning a race,
"Z" Dreams about becoming "A",
Baseballs Dream about baseball bats,
Chicks Dream about Ducks,
Pencils Dream about Markers,
Birds Dream about flight,
Shoes Dream about Feet,
Flowers Dream about sun and rain,
Space ships Dream about space,
Night Dreams about Day,
Clouds Dream about cloud castles.

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