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Research Education Partnerships with Windows to the Universe - Windows to the Universe

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The Winter 2010 issue of The Earth Scientist includes a variety of educational resources, ranging from astronomy to glaciers. Check out the other publications and classroom materials in our online store.
The Windows to the Universe team offers workshops for teachers across the US, and increasingly, in different countries around the world.
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Research Education Partnerships with Windows to the Universe

Windows to the Universe reaches a global community of over 16 million learners and educators in English and Spanish annually. Over the past 15 years, we have collaborated with over 100 projects, sponsored by NASA and NSF, to develop new website content, interactives, and curriculum resources that highlight specific research projects or missions.

Collaboration with the Windows to the Universe project offers a cost-effective approach to integrating research and education, which is increasingly recognized as a goal of NASA, NSF, and other federal agencies. Our large audience, record of continued service, and the large scope of our content resources and software infrastructure allow collaborating scientists, research and educational projects to reach large numbers of learners effectively and efficiently, building on the resources we have developed over the past decade. Our close connection to teachers, through the National Earth Science Teachers Association, is optimal for getting your content to teachers quickly and effectively.

Scientists interested in discussing opportunities for collaboration through their research projects or missions are invited to contact the Windows to the Universe PI, Dr. Roberta Johnson, NESTA Executive Director and Director of Windows to the Universe, for further information by email at rmjohnsn@nestanet.org or by phone at 303-929-1606.

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Windows to the Universe, a project of the National Earth Science Teachers Association, is sponsored in part is sponsored in part through grants from federal agencies (NASA and NOAA), and partnerships with affiliated organizations, including the American Geophysical Union, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Earth System Information Partnership, the American Meteorological Society, the National Center for Science Education, and TERC. The American Geophysical Union and the American Geosciences Institute are Windows to the Universe Founding Partners. NESTA welcomes new Institutional Affiliates in support of our ongoing programs, as well as collaborations on new projects. Contact NESTA for more information. NASA ESIP NCSE HHMI AGU AGI AMS NOAA