Calling all artists!

A picture of Saturn from our Solar System Coloring Book drawn by Karl in Mrs. Boyce's Kindergarten class.
Click on image for full size (272K JPEG)

Send us your masterpiece, and we will put it in our brand new Space Art Museum! We are looking for artists of all ages to send us your artwork of space related topics...aliens, rockets, planets, galaxies, etc.

Send us your drawing, painting, photograph, etc. If you'd like to give us your first name and a few sentences about yourself and your interests, we can post it with your picture.

There are several different ways to send us your artwork.

1. You may send your artwork through the mail, and we will scan it and put it in the gallery. (If you wish to have your picture returned, please include your name and mailing address.)
Send to:

Space Physics Research Lab
Windows to the Universe
Attn: Student Artwork
2455 Hayward Street
Room 1433, Space Research Bldg
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

2. You may upload your files through your browser. (easy!)
The password is 'artwork'. Be sure to click 'browse' to find the file on your computer that you want to send! If you have questions or need help email

3. You may fax your artwork. (The results will be black and white.)
Fax to: Windows to the Universe Student Artwork

Check back soon to see your artwork posted!

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