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The Winter 2010 issue of The Earth Scientist includes a variety of educational resources, ranging from astronomy to glaciers. Check out the other publications and classroom materials in our online store.

Fun & Games

We've collected our games here for you to select from. Note: Many of the games are written in Java. If you have Windows XP on your computer and have problems opening some games, you might have to download Java from Sun Microsystems.

We have a lot of fun making these games, and we hope that you have fun playing them, but we can't know unless you tell us! Please fill out our survey and let us know what you think--perhaps you have suggestions for future games?

Crossword Puzzles

Global locations of visitors using this page right now

Climate Science from the Southeast Pacific Crossword Puzzle

Climate Crossword Puzzle

Weather Crossword Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles (Flash playerneeded for this game!)

Polar Jigsaw Puzzles (Flash playerneeded for this game!)

Word Searches

The Motions of the Ocean Word Search

Polar Wordsearch Puzzle

Atmosphere and Clouds Word Search

Ulysses Solar Word Search

Concentration Games

Solar Concentration


The Carbon Cycle Game (Flash playerneeded for this game!)

"Eight Planets and a Dwarf" Sudoku (Flash playerneeded for this game!)

Space Sense

Order it Up: Solar System Edition

Junk in Space

Adlib Stories

Make Your Own Alien!

Mythology Hangman

Coloring Books and Paper Activities

Make an Arctic Creature Mobile!

People Coloring Book

Solar System Coloring Book

A Printable Activity Page About Magnetism

Sun-Earth Flip Books

Fun & Games at Other Sites

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