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Earth's Polar Regions

Do you wonder what Earth's Polar Regions are like? Where do polar bears live? Where do penguins swim? Why does the Sun never shine in winter in the Arctic? Why does aurora occur near the Earth’s Poles? How big are the Earth’s ice caps, and are they changing? The Earth’s Polar Regions are hosts to unique phenomena and ecosystems – both fascinating and beautiful. Explore the Earth’s Arctic and Antarctic through the links in this section.
<a href="/earth/polar/inuit_culture.html&edu=high&dev=1">The
  Inuit</a> are the native cultures that continue to live on coastal areas of <a
  tundra</a> in Canada, Alaska (USA), Siberia (Russia), and Greenland. This
  picture shows several Inuit constructing an igloo with blocks of <a
  in November, 1924. Traditionally, Inuit lived in igloos during the coldest
  months and tent-like huts during the warmer months.<p><small><em>   Library of Congress Prints and Photographs, Photograph by Frank E. Kleinschmidt</em></small></p>

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