Climate Change Education Controversy

A firestorm of controversy has recently erupted online about a reported attempt to develop climate change educational materials for the K-12 classroom which intentionally emphasize uncertainty about whether climate is changing, sowing doubt in order to change the way educators … Continue reading

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Bald Eagles

Last weekend, I had a thrill.  I saw a Bald Eagle flying over my neighborhood near Boulder, and then later in the day, I saw a Bald Eagle about 40 miles away, out by the Denver airport.  What a joy … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Geoscientist – Why Focus on Science Education?

These days, I spend just about all my time focused on helping Earth and space science educators, and trying to improve public understanding of Earth and space science.  I didn’t start out this way, though.  The path I’ve taken has … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Climate Change Discussion in This American Life: Kid Politics Episode

As my first blog post, I thought I’d share some details of my interview for the Kid Politics Episode of This American Life in January 2011. Several colleagues of mine have been in touch with me over email recently regarding … Continue reading